Linked Issue Details Custom Field

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Linked issue details field extends basic JIRA presentation of linked issues. Configuration options allows to set what issue fields are visible and filter out issues based on given criteria. Issue details list can also be visible in all place that supports custom fields:

  • Jira gadets and dashboards.
  • Jira issues list view.
  • Confluence Jira macro.
  • Third party plugins that can use embed other custom fields.

Adding a custom field

Configuring a custom field

  • Please fallow Jira Admin guide for Configuring a custom field
  • For field specific configuration please fallow guides for configuring details on chosen field

Configure Linked Issue Details List

Scheme Configuration for Linked Issue details custom field will summaries configuration for your field.

Use Edit issue fields link to change what issue fields will be visible

Use Edit issue filter link to change what issues will be visible - how issue will be filtered.

Linked Issue details - configuration summaryIssue fields configurationIssue filters configuration

Issue fields

You can select and reorder what issue fields will be visible as columns in Linked issue details field.

There are two separate field lists: one with standard JIRA fields, second list contains custom fields.

Headers visibleWill turn on / off column headers. Useful settings when field is embedded in other pages or in third party plugins.

Headers are not visible

All issue types

Include / Exclude issue types

If All issue types is false then only included issue types will be visible

Only Task issues are included

All link types

Include / Exclude link types

If All link types is false then only issues linked using included link types will be visible.

Only issues linked by Blocks link are included

All link directions

Include / Exclude link directions

If All link directions is false then only issues linked in specific direction using included link direction will be visible. Direction in JIRA is represented as relation name like: blocks / is blocked by

Only issue linked by blocks link direction are included

JQL QueryIf JQL Query is present then only issue that are matching given JQL Query will be visible.

Only open issue are visible, JQL Query = "resolution is Empty"