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FAQ Search Linked Issues For JIRA

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 How to search for issues in Epic's?

Issues in Epic are stored in JIRA as special link type called: "Epic-Story Link"

To find all issues linked to epics from filter or query:

  • issue in linkedIssuesFromFilter("filter name", "Epic-Story Link")
  • issue in linkedIssuesFromQuery("jql query", "Epic-Story Link")
 What is the relation name?

Second parameter holds relation name. But be warned - there is difference between relation name expected in this parameter and each direction descriptions of relation.

Every relation in JIRA has the name and descriptions of its 2 directions. If you want to have selected only one specific direction of given relation you can use the third parameter of the function which can have 2 values inward/outward. Search Linked Issues for JIRA don't use direction descriptions, only relation name.

Please as your administrator to get real relation name. Relation names could be found in JIRA administration - see jira documentation.

Sample relation configuration can be:

  • relation X name - 'Cloners'
  • inward direction description of relation X * - 'Clones'
  • outward direction description of relation X * - 'Is cloned by'

So you could query like this:

  • issue in linkedIssuesFromFilter("filter name", "Cloners", "inward")
  • issue in linkedIssuesFromFilter("filter name", "Cloners", "outward")

Since version 2.10.0 we added relation description handling in queries.

Now, you can use :

  • issue in linkedIssuesFromfilter("filter name", Clones")
  • issue in linkedIssueFromFilter("filter name", "Is cloned by")

to get issues similar as query provided in earlier versions.

 Why add-on shows that license is empty when I provided valid license at plugin management page?

Probably there is a problem with UPM and Plugin License Storage plugin bundled with your JIRA. You can check this in logs looking for PluginLicenseStoragePluginUnresolvedException. Any users using JIRA 5.0.1+ could run into this problem because these versions of JIRA come bundled with UPM 2. Update the UPM in JIRA and re-install add-on fix this problem.