The Timeboxing (its free!) helps you control the time.
The Timeboxing divides your issues for thirty minutes periods.
Start your timer and go to work!

Assign the issue

At the beginning of a good day to assign the task.

Timeboxing allows you to easily manage your issues’ time.

Start your Timebox Timer

Get started.

Select the issue, decide how you want to achieve it and run Timebox Timer.

The Timebox Timer allows you to select issue to run. 

Take control of your time

Do the issue.

The Timeboxing helps you control the time.

The Timeboxing divides the issues for thirty minutes periods.

In the course of a single period, you can accomplish the issue or not.

Find time for your break

Make yourself a break.

Sit back, drink a cup of tea or coffee, eat breakfast.

Allow yourself for a moment of rest. You have the whole five minutes for yourself.

For each thirty minutes issue the Timeboxing will set five minutes break.

Get next challenge

When your break is over, start the next challenge.

The Timeboxing allows you to run many timers if it is needed to accomplish the issue, one after another.

More details

Plugin Timeboxing enables effective time management issue through the designation of effective working time and subsequent breaks.
Timebox assists the user in determining the regular periods of work and rest.
As a result, the issues are carried out effectively.
Timeboxing saves the effective working time in JIRA worklog.