Linked issues - customize presentation


Plugin adds custom field that allow to customize presentation of linked issue with extreme flexibility. Field can be configured to display any linked issues field or to show only issues that match given criteria.

Any type of standard Jira field can be added. Plugin can also display any other custom field including custom fields from third party plugins:

Linked issue details can also be visible in all places that supports custom fields:

  • Jira gadets and dashboards - download and view issue attachments directly from Jira Dashboards
  • Jira issues list view.
  • Confluence Jira macro - download and view issue attachments on Confluence pages
  • Third party plugins that can use embed other custom fields.


Only issue linked by blocks link direction are included

Show selected fields, including Shield field from Custom Field Pack plugin

Headers are not visible

Only open issue are visible, closed issues are filtered from view.