Administrator's Guide

  1. Log into your Administration Jira console.
  2. Find Timeline section and click Configuration.

  3. You will see an add-on configuration screen, where you can set up start, end, and grouping fields for timeline items, number of displayed issues, and using only working days in timeline calculations.

    On this screen, you can set the start, end, and grouping fields. You can choose from all fields, which have a date or date-time format, and from standard JIRA fields and custom fields. You can also choose how many issues you want to see on your Timeline. You can choose that only working days will be used for calculation (Free days will be skipped, and marked on your Timeline), snapping and non-public plugin access.  

Non-public access

Available from 1.8.0 version

By default, all JIRA users can use the Timeline plugin, but JIRA Administrator can configure that only selected users or groups will be able to use the Timeline plugin. Not selected users can't see the Plugin top bar menu, and they can't view any timeline.