Timeline has two axes:


Vertical axis is sortable. It can be sorted by clicking Sort button in the top left corner.

You can manually reorder vertical axis by drag and drop label to the target location.

You can zoom timeline in/out in and out by pressing ctrl+shift and scrolling your mouse wheel. Drag timeline to right and left to see past or future issues.

An issue tile, called timeline item, contains basic information about the issue, such as: type, key, priority, issue summary and label with issue status (to do, in progress etc.).

On Timeline you will see also issues without start and end date fields set. They will have different color. When you make some changes on those issues and save them, start and end date will be set. Every timeline item is editable. You can start editing by clicking on issue (it will change color to orange). You can change issue's:

Different colors of timeline item:

You can also select more than one item (with ctrl) and change asignee for few items at one time.

Timeline shows the weekends (v.1.4.0), it is helpful in the planning of tasks with the option Working days.

Note, this functionality does not work at all levels of zoom.

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